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designer stool will add a personal touch to your home décor, although it is important to choose the right decorative style. By this we mean that if your home has a Nordic décor, for example, a Scandinavian stool would be the most appropriate choice.

Our Nordic stools adapt easily to different environments and you can use them as a seat or as a side table. It's a perfect piece that will fit in your business or home. All you have to do is add a personal touch with other decorative elements to make it your own.

What are you waiting for to find your perfect Nordic stool?

Nordic Style Stool

At MueblesDesign we offer you Nordic stools of all sizes and styles, but always preserving the essence of Scandinavian decoration in each of our designs.

If you're wondering what characteristics a Nordic stool should have to be considered a Nordic style stool, here are some key points so that you can easily recognise them:

  1. Stools made mainly of wood.
  2. Combine with white or pastel colours and neutral.
  3. They follow rounded and soft lines to preserve the harmony of the room.

For Nordic decoration there are some essential points that must be fulfilled: the search for luminosity, avoiding overloading the rooms and the similarities with natural elements, that is why wood is one of the main materials.

Therefore, a Nordic furniture must be functional, versatile and favour the creation of a cosy, warm and comfortable atmosphere. Comfort and functionality are key - there is no style without comfort!

Types of Nordic stools

The Scandinavian stools that you will find at MueblesDesign are practical and stylish. They will be useful as additional seating at the table, perfect for your kitchen island, for the dining room or even as a bedside table, let your imagination run wild!

We can group the different types of Nordic stools into three main groups: Nordic high stools, Nordic low stools and Nordic stools with backrests. Which one you choose depends on you and what you need.

In addition, you will find Nordic stools in various colours, mix and match them to get a personal and unique touch in the decoration of your home.

Do you want to know the most demanded Nordic stools?

Nordic High Stool

We should know that high stools are, above all, suitable for bars, islands and high tables. Therefore, they are a perfect choice as barstools for bars and restaurants, as long as the decoration is suitable.

One of the most popular Nordic high stools is the James stool. The seat is made of a single piece of polypropylene and legs made of beech wood. It is a sturdy and comfortable seat that will add a distinctive look to your décor.

A sturdy and stylish stool that will be perfect for both commercial and home use, its great appeal is in the simplicity of its lines!

Nordic Low Stool

Scandinavian-style low stools are perfect for adding extra seating to your dining table or for use as a bedside table. With them you will be able to recreate a warm and cosy atmosphere in any room thanks to the predominance of wood, a material recognised for the warmth it brings to decoration.

We could not overlook the James Short stool. A simple, original seat, easily adaptable to any environment. Made of wood, with a polypropylene seat and reinforcing rods. You will find it in different colours so that you can combine them or choose the most suitable tone for your room.

Scandinavian Stool with Backrest

Adding the backrest to a Nordic stool gives you extra comfort. Its features are practically the same as any other stool, but with the addition of a back support. An appropriate and robust design that will be elegant and comfortable at the same time.

A clear example can be the James Nordic stool with backrest, a sturdy stool that fully complies with what a Nordic decor demands.

Buy Scandinavian Stool

Nordic stools have a timeless aesthetic that will make almost anyone fall in love with them. Their refined and minimalist style is very versatile and easy to combine (always with coherence).

In our offer you will find cheap and quality Nordic stools with which you can add personality to your room, dare to revolutionize your spaces with our design stools!

Remember that when you buy a Nordic stool, you are opting for a practical, comfortable piece of furniture that is specially designed to make the most of your space.

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