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  • Our Leeds Armchair in natural rattan with its attractive Nordic essence and retro details that enrich it, It has been designed for those who love to decorate their spaces with a vintage style. This design and this style will not hesitate to seduce us. Its highly detailed finishes are made of black lacquered natural beech wood and the interior is made of...

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For many, the Nordic or Scandinavian style is one of the best decorative options due to its mixture of warmth and luminosity. This decorative style emerged in Scandinavian countries in an attempt to enhance the light and warmth that are so necessary in these regions, where low temperatures and hours of low natural light predominate.

Based on this, Nordic furniture gives priority to light colours, to reflect the light and give a feeling of spaciousness, and to wood, which inspires warmth and comfort. The mixture of these materials is the key to Scandinavian decoration.

If you want to decorate your living room following this popular decorative style, you should pay special attention to the main piece: the sofa. Therefore, from MueblesDesign we want to talk to you about the Nordic sofa, highlight its main characteristics and make clear the types of Scandinavian sofas that you can find.

Let's get to it!

Features of the Nordic Sofa

As we were saying, we can consider the sofa as the main piece of our living room and even the key point of the decoration of our whole house. Knowing this, we stress the importance of dedicating some time to choosing the perfect Scandinavian sofa.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the most suitable Scandinavian sofa for your home. To do so, we are going to highlight the main characteristics of a Nordic sofa so that you can easily recognise it:

  1. Nordic sofas tend to be in light colours such as beige and lighter versions of blue.
  2. Their fabrics should keep warmth in and inspire a sense of comfort: linen, cotton and wool.
  3. A Scandinavian sofa is characterised by its straight lines in seats, backrests and armrests.
  4. They usually incorporate wooden feet to complete the style.
  5. The Nordic sofa is functional and versatile.
  6. Their fabrics are usually plain, although they can sometimes feature stripes, checks and even flowers.

It is important to note that today's Nordic sofas can have rounded shapes. A change that the most renowned designers of Nordic furniture have been bringing us in recent years.

Remember that you can accompany the Nordic style sofa with cushions and other decorative accessories, but always bearing in mind that you should not overload the space to maintain this type of decoration.

The necessary pieces: A clean, luminous space without excesses.

Types of Nordic Sofas

As we have seen, there are some basic characteristics for Nordic sofas, but that doesn't mean that we can't find several types of Nordic or Scandinavian style sofas to choose from.

If you are looking for a designer sofa and want to maintain a Nordic decor in your home, you can opt for one of these alternatives based on your personal preferences. Remember that several types of sofa can look good in a Nordic style living room.

Classic Nordic Sofa

This is the Nordic sofa par excellence, characterised by its straight lines in the seats, armrests and backrests. It also has wooden legs to give it that extra touch of warmth.

Although we can find them in different colours, the most common ones are usually white and grey, neutral and light tones so that you can easily combine them with other decorative elements such as blankets and cushions.

Retro Nordic Sofa

This is where the more modern Nordic sofas come in, where rounded shapes predominate. It is a type of Scandinavian sofa that is reminiscent of the 1950s due to its vintage style.

One example is the Manhattan sofa: simple, grey and with wooden legs. A Nordic sofa in every sense of the word.

Nordic Sofa in Pastel Shades

They are quite similar to the classic Scandinavian style sofas, but incorporate pastel colours in their fabrics.

These types of sofas go beyond white, beige and grey to bring a bit of colour to this key piece of our home. In recent years, Nordic blue and soft pink sofas have become very fashionable.

Buy Nordic Style Sofa

At MueblesDesign you can find a wide range of Nordic style sofas so that you can achieve the Scandinavian decoration you are looking for. You will find classic Nordic style pieces designed by the most relevant authors of this movement and you will achieve a unique space in your home.

In addition, we offer you a wide selection of Nordic armchairs and Scandinavian benches so that you can complete your living room while maintaining this popular Nordic decorative style.

Get a functional, bright, comfortable and warm atmosphere in your home with our Nordic sofas!

Remember that our team is at your disposal if you need personalised advice for the decoration of your home. We will be delighted to help you as soon as possible.

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